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Breaking Barriers.

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OneWeigh is a weight management program founded by a large network of doctors who specialize in digestive health.


No more stigmas

For far too long people who suffer from obesity have been stigmatized and blamed despite evidence that genetic, biological and environmental factors that contribute to body weight are beyond their control. Stigmatization has resulted in ineffective obesity prevention efforts, posed emotional and physical health risks, and generated health disparities.


We break down barriers by innovating

OneWeigh breaks down barriers to sustainable weight loss and improved health by combining the latest advances in prescription medications and medical approaches with individualized coaching in goal setting, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle modification. These practices are based on guidelines and recommendations from top national health and research organizations.

Physician-led weight management

Unlike many weight management programs, our physician-led approach allows us to prescribe state-of-art medications or perform medical procedures when appropriate. Revolutionary drugs not only reduce the desire to eat and increase metabolism, but also slow the processing of food in your stomach so you feel full quicker and stay full longer.

Our difference

Your OneWeigh team is led by board-certified gastroenterologists who have a comprehensive understanding of overall weight management health, as they often deal with conditions related to digestion, metabolism, and nutrient absorption. This perspective enables them to create holistic weight loss plans that consider individual health conditions.

Expert Team

Your team may include a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, clinical psychologist, social worker, health coach and/or certified fitness instructor.


24/7 availability, including 1 on 1 appointments, support groups, on-demand library of resources, videos, recipes and meal plans.


Based on Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, WHO, USDA Dietary Guidelines and research-based organizations such as American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association.

Getting started

Reach out to us

Are you ready to start your weight management journey? The first step is completing the form below.


Enroll in OneWeigh

Our specialist in digestive health will arrange a convenient time to understand your individual challenges, medical conditions and history to create a plan tailored to your needs.


Download the app

Start your holistic plan which may involve dietary recommendations, fitness guidance, medication options, or even surgical procedures – all aimed at helping you achieve your health goals.


HSA and FSA eligible for most. Contact us for further details.

$25/ month*
  • Access to OneWeigh app with features including wellness tracking, recipes, education, fitness, etc. for nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle modification
  • Live registered dietician initial evaluation
  • Personalized plan
  • Additional dietician visits available for a fee
$86/ month*
  • Includes everything in Basic
  • Weight loss medication prescription**
  • Weight loss scale, tape measure & water bottle
  • Telehealth visit with your personal registered dietician every three months
  • Telehealth visit with your personal medical provider every three months
  • Monthly checkins with a health coach
  • Unlimited messaging with a registered dietician and health coach
*There is a onetime nonrefundable onboarding fee required to initiate your account. Cancel at any time with no penalty.


**Medication not included. Cost of medication as little as $25/mo and will vary depending upon prescription and insurance coverage.

Breaking Stigmas. Breaking Barriers.

Fill out this form and our team will reach out to you to schedule a time to speak with one of our medical specialists. What's to lose 😉

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Start Your Journey 

Start Your Journey 

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